Oct 24, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival: The StarPlus Quilt

Hi there,

thanks so much for visiting my blog again if you are a regular reader (and sorry for the StarPlus Quilt overload..) and welcome if you are new and come from Amys wonderful Bloggers Quilt Festival!

This year I am entering my StarPlus Quilt in the Original Design Category.

I designed the StarPlus Quilt last fall, starting with just one size of the classic Home and Hearth Block but soon got a bit bored to sew the same block over and over. So I added some medium sized blocks and really liked the outcome. However, just when I added one super-big block to the mix the top suddenly looked fabulous to me!

Although it is so simple, the design is pretty versatile: I like both of my StarPlus Quilts, the rather soft red and tan version, looking almost Christmas-sy, and the colorful, fresh one with white background fabric. It was very easy to sew (after a few blocks one really gets the hang of it :-) and it is a nice snuggle-friendly size of 60" x 80".

Writing a "real" pattern for a quilt was quite an adventure for me: I usually make up my own quilt patterns but never attempted to write one in such a way that other people could actually be able to easily follow it (just imagine the backside of a paper, scribbled on with pencil, trying different block designs and figuring out the quilt-math.. Yep, this is how the magic usually happens :-)

That was when some of my online friends, especially from Instagram, helped me so generously: they tested the pattern and gave me all kinds of valuable feedback for which I am really thankful. I love this community!

And speaking of loving the online community: I am sending out a big Thank you to Amy of amyscreativeside for hosting this great event!! There is so much to discover, please make sure to visit as many sites as possible.
And if you like my StarPlus Quilt I would be very happy if you would vote for it when "the polls open" from 1st to 7th November :-) Thanks!!

Have fun at the quilt show :-)

Oct 9, 2014

The StarPlus Quilt Pattern

I am so happy to announce my very first commercial quilt pattern:  

The StarPlus Quilt Pattern is now ready for download at!

I love to design my own quilt patterns! And while I did come up with some pretty nice quilts, the amount of positive feedback to the StarPlus Quilt here on the blog and on Instagram was quite a surprise: some people were absolutely smitten with this simple quilt and kept asking for a pattern - and hey presto just one year later I finally managed to publish it :-)
BTW: You can find the first post about this quilt right here. Read all about how the magic happened when I got so bored with all the little blocks that I first added some bigger ones and finally the really big one - and bam!: it did not only got a bit more interesting but also suddenly looked really good :-) Phew!

Here, or better: on Craftsy it is!

The pattern consists of an 8 page PDF download and includes some tips on how to choose fabric for this quilt, a detailed how to cut it and how to piece the top. You do need to have experience with basic quilt making but the pattern really is suitable for beginners as it shows you how to sew just one block in three different sizes.

The Materials you need for the 60 1/2" x 80 1/2" quilt top are:

• 3 yards of Background Fabric (you can save by clever cutting)
• 25 Prints: 1 print 13 1/2" x Width of Fabric, 5 prints 9 1/2 x WOF" and 19 prints 3" x WOF
• 4 yards Backing Fabric
• 1/2 - 3/4 yards for Binding (depending on your favorite method)
• Batting / Wadding of your choice 65" x 85"
• standard cutting, sewing and quilting tools

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. And if you are making or already made a StarPlus Quilt please keep me posted on social media by using the hashtag #starplusquilt and/or send me a picture of your quilt at claudiamachenundtun (at) yahoo (dot) de - I would be so grateful!!

To purchase via is simple: you do need an craftsy-account and a paypal-adress but the whole process is extremely easy and there´s so much else cool stuff to discover at!

Please scroll down for some serious eye-candy: you will find quite some inspiration there = awesome versions of the pattern!
I hope you will enjoy your very own StarPlus Quilt soon :-)

Übrigens: Eine deutschsprachige Ausgabe des Musters wird es auch ganz bald geben!

 This is Nickys top:

Andreas Top:

Teresas version:

Here is Marias top:

And here is Barbs:

What does your StarPlus Quilt look like? Send me a picture!

Sep 14, 2014

Work in Progress: StarPlus Quilt Top

Heute morgen auf meinem Design-Flanell-Laken an der Bücherwand: das erste Layout meines StarPlus Quilts in rot.
Und man sieht auch sehr schön, warum es so wichtig ist, die Blöcke mit etwas Abstand zu betrachten: der eigentlich super-schöne naturfarbene Hintergrundstoff macht es den hellen Blöcken echt schwer, gut herauszukommen. Aber ich denke mal, das wird schon alles gut - wenn ich den größten Stern unten rechts nochmal mache, diesmal in einem etwas dunkleren Farbton.
Denn dies ist ein Quilt, der in echt wirklich deutlich besser aussieht als auf einem Foto, keine Ahnung warum.

Der Quilt ist übrigens ein Teststück für das Muster, das ich zu dem Starplus Quilt geschrieben habe, und das netterweise gerade von diversen Quilterinnen in Deutschland, England, Ungarn und Amerika getestet wird.
Soweit sind noch keine größeren Probleme aufgetaucht, puh! Wenn weiterhin alles gut läuft, kann ich das Muster im Oktober anbieten!! Wir werden sehen..

Habt einen schönen Sonntag, ich muss jetzt einen großen Block nochmal nähen, bevor ich die Teile zusammenfügen kann.


This morning on my flannel-design-wall: the first layout of my red StarPlus quilt.
And it´s a very good example why it makes so much sense to look at your blocks with a bit of distance: the pretty natural linen background fabric gives the lighter prints kind of a hard time.. However, I think everything will work out fine - if i re-do the very large block in the down right corner again. Or rather just sew it again, this time in a more medium value.
Btw: This is a quilt which looks way better in real life than on a photo. No idea why.

This quilt is a practice piece for my starplus quilt pattern which is tested right now by several quilters in Germany, England, Hungary and the States. So far there are no major problems, thank god! And if everything keeps being this golden I might be able to offer you the pattern in October!! We´ll see..

Have a great Sunday, I´m off to sew that large block again, before I put the chunks all together.

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