Jun 27, 2008

busy bee

During the last days I was quite busy and tried some new things:
This morning I made my first fabric-basket with a round bottom. The tutorial is from Kyoko, thanks again for it! I always wanted to try that and it came out quite ok. Sorry for the annoying color but that´s my test-fabric: I am not gonna waste any more of the good stuff for my first tries :-) so I am using this IKEA-fabric (whatever light in there made me buy that is a mystery to me..)

Another first: (head-) scarfs. The blue one is a bit small on top, but fits nonetheless. The red one is very red - I am not sure if I will dare to actually wear it. The red/white flowery fabric is "Bini" from a fabric shop online and in Berlin which is just adorable. The people there are extremely friendly and everything is so nice you can spend a fortune on great fabrics..

And now the really red one:

Finally I started to make some jam. Every year at the end of June when the strawberries are at it´s best I cook jam. I really like to do that although it is usally quite messy but the result, all those little jars so nice and red and ready to be stored away for grey winter days really are a joy. And it is so unbelievably easy!!

Usually I make it with no special recipy, I just use the instructions on the sugar bag, which is fine, so it´s just sugar and fruit and that´s it. This year I experimented with just a bit of alcohol, red juice and lemons.. If the tasting of the jam tomorrow works out fine I will write down the recipies here.

Also tomorrow there will be more messing around the kitchen but also labeling the little jars - yay!

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