Jun 11, 2008

flowery little pouches

So the camera finally came and I am very happy! The pictures are really supposed to be a lot better - if they are not it is just my fault.

Yesterday I mad a little padded bag for it and I also tried a pencil case bag with lined seams, like Mari showed in her Bias Tape Tutorial (thanks; as soon as I have learned to put in a link here I will do that!!).

I like the fabric: it looks very vintage although it is new. There ist only very little left (it came in a "surprise fabric package") and we will see what it´ll gonna be.

The other bag is for hosting my "at work" knitting stuff (right now it´s the second red summer sock). The fabric ist very sturdy and I am happy to have found the combination with the bright red fabric and the green zipper. The little flag on the right is actually quite helpful to handle it and now in the right proportion: I had to re-open the bag and put it a little more in because it just looked stupid.
Hope you like it!

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