Jun 12, 2009

12 of 12 - june 2009

12 pictures of one day in june

1 breakfast at home

2 morning sky - not too promising

3 on my way to work

4 breakfast at the office: Leberkäs-Semmel -easily one of the greatest things in bavaria..

5 part of my board in my office

6 early end of work

7 bin in the tram for used tickets - only!!

8 we called this "spucki" in the 90ies: this one is obviously a tribute to mf = monaco franze

9 weather has changed in the meantime. i really like that about munich, it changes very fast and mostly to good weather

10 finished a nice dvd where i left it off last night

11 minding and watering my plants

12 tonight: reading. wonderful cover, book started ok so far, i am curious what`ll happen next, and that´s always a good sign.

thanks for watching! find a list of who is joining at Caro from "Draussen nur Kaennchen"!!

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