Jun 17, 2009


please listen to that, although the video does look a bit funny:

addition to cologne: my first pair of campers, they were on sale there. so far i am quite happy about them.

duesseldorf - my first time to visit one of the richest cities in germany. it smelled a bit funny. not really bad, and not like the often met smell in a german town of a brewery either. i don´t know, it was strange (but not too strange, one can very well go there :-))

1 - on our way from the station to the first bookshop we wanted to visit. this sign on another bookshop, probably badly translated "will the unfortunate take the advice of the fortunate?" but still: this written on a storefront in germany is pretty cool, isn´t it?

2 - the bookshop we were looking for: i really really like the writing on the ceiling, which they put about every two floors of all 5 or 6

3 - middle of the "Koe", pretty and a bit like Barcelona or the like..

3 - second bookshop: very, very oldfashioned, they just left everything like in the 70ies which is quite hip now. very well stocked and with this great writing on the wall ("to be a human-being means/implies reading" - one would think so..)


  1. "Menschsein heißt Lesen"...das sagt jawohl alles! Ich würde auch dort meine Bücher kaufen :-)!!! Und endlich mal nette Musik:-). Die Camper sind auch schick.

  2. was heisst denn "endlich mal"?? ich stelle dir hier einen smasher nach dem anderen vor.. und noch viele, viele warten auf ihren einsatz :-) gerade höre ich die county-women-cd - die nehme ich dann auch zum quilten, das scheint mir irgendwie angemessen..
    bis ganz bald!!


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