Jun 2, 2009

misc - really!!

so here is the fabric i just got on ebay - totally worth the price!!

and i wipped up a new key-chain from my beloved anna maria horner fabric "social climber" in teal - the name alone is priceless..

and here to slowly fade out the bright colors: nikke in all his beauty from above, probably thinking hard about his next bowl of food. or how annoying the flashlight is. or just nothing. most likely.

and here is a sign from the Klinikum Groß-Hadern (a poor and extremely boring picture, sorry): that´s where you are supposed to walk as a patient and visitor - i wonder which secret paths the staff is allowed to take. and, too bad: i never made it to the "Patientengarten" - this implies some special, perhaps secret staff-garden, too.

there´s so much beauty/fairy-tale-potential in everyday life.. :-)

ps: farewell to "de likker" - i liked you, but i was the only one around here.. perhaps you will be back some day.

1 comment:

  1. Sehr schöner Stoff!!! Die "Patientenstrasse" finde ich auch schön.:-) Und juchu "de likker" ist weg! :-))) c.


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