Jun 7, 2009

quilt-along - blocks laid out

it is very, very colorful, isn´t it?? i will have to get used to that. but i wanted a colorful quilt in the first place, so here goes. let´s see what i will do for backing and binding. i have some red and white gingham, or i go really wild and use even more color.
this really is an exciting project!

oh, and my right arm hurts from cutting and ironing yesterday.
it obiviously makes sense to spread out this work over some days. lesson learned.

i made this piece this morning of scraps from the quilt-cutting - i just love doing that! no idea what it will be in the end, maybe a pillow or a tablerunner (though i don´t use those :-)(maybe i will start with that as well). or a bag or a basket - we´ll see.

man, this quilt-along really is fun!!!

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