Jun 4, 2009

quilt-along - choices/combinations

you will find the wonderful idea of a quiltalong at old red barn, and i am really, really excited about this project! dana has a fun way to guide us through this big challenge but she leaves me quite confident to get through it :-)
now, here are some serious choices to make: which combination for the second (right hand) block to choose??
i actually have 4 different approches - ahem.. well, 5 to tell the truth :-) but one got lost here, but you can see all of them over at flickr.

which one do you like best?

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  1. Das dritte von oben ist die schönste Variante finde ich. Ich melde mich jetzt ab nach Dänemark. Also kein Telefonterror die nächste Woche! :-))) G+K C.


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