Jun 28, 2009

quilt-along - done!!

it´s done!! again it took me ages, this time to do the binding (actually the ironing was the problem this time - ??), but i finally succeeded, yay!

the binding fits perfectly in color, my how-to is bending the rules a bit again: i sewed it on like normal bias tape, so there are visible seams on both sides of the quilt. i could not bring myself to hand-sewing the back because that would not have turned out pretty, i am sure. so this may not be the usual way but i like it´s sturdiness and the straight lines which fit the quilting.

after washing the quilt i took it to a washer/dryer-shop to dry it.
so after getting it out of the dryer the quilt now is as i imagined it: soft yet a bit sturdy cause of the quilting, and due to the soft colors now crinkled it looks quite faded and old. very nice.

thanks again so, so much to Dana from the Old Red Farm Blog for guiding a huge but very energetic group through these new and exciting lands of sewing!!
I learned tons and had so much fun with all the other guys at the flickr pool - unbelievable! and i will miss all those pictures and comments of the group!!
but the best thing is, now i have an idea of how it can be done and, as somebody mentioned earlier, this quilting-stuff does get kind of addictive :-)

we´ll see..


  1. Ist der schön geworden!!!!!! Ganz super! Jetzt kann sich Dein Arm etwas erholen.:-) Schön, dass Du da warst.

  2. Oh, I love the colors of your quilt! So beautiful!

  3. A nice achievment! Will you continue quilting?

  4. thanks for your praise :-), yes, i actually will continue quilting. this was totally a starting point..

  5. The colors are great! And I like how you did the back!!! Pretty.

  6. Sehr, sehr schön geworden, dein Quilt! Ich bin immer noch nicht fertig geworden - vielleicht schaff ich es dieses Wochenende...!
    Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt,

  7. toller quilt.
    ich bin begeistert.

    beste gruesse conny


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