Jun 19, 2009

quilt-along - imperfection and troubleshooting

right now i am working on the quilt backing but before i can show that i thought it might be interesting to share some mistakes (and their solututions!) i made throughout the whole process.

getting more and more experienced as a seamstress i don´t get as desperate as some years ago anymore but "just" think hard how to mend the stuff i did wrong. if i am lucky and did not cut anything wrong it usually means undoing, ripping and sewing again. and sometimes again (and again :-)

but tell you what: although i have some imperfection going on here i still like my work and the result. i think you learn that when you do a lot of stuff yourself.

so here´s a classical mistake: wrong directions of fabric pieces.
the panel on the left bottom side has vertical red stripes, while the other two visible gingham parts are horizontal.

after i actually saw the problem (took me some time) i undid the seams and sewed it together again, this time right.

here are two examples of missing amounts of fabric (don´t ask me how that could happen in the first place).
first there is about 1 cm missing on top of the upper pale green stripe.
again i opened a seam and put a piece of the dark-pink fabric there which i had lying around here since the big cutting-event.
this probably will be hardly visible when the binding is sewn on.

and this was an early mistake: i measured wrong while cutting one block. so here at the vertical block there was a bit at the bottom missing (right above the pink-red ornament stripe). i took leftovers of the exact same block and sewed it on - i hope this won´t be too visible with the coming up quilting.
(if you click on the picture you can see it very well by the way..)
imperfect, but i still love it. maybe even more just because of these little special corners on my quilt. i can go looking for them later on when it is in use and then know even more that i did this work.


  1. As I said on Flickr, it looks lovely and you won't see it! I just read your disclaimer at the bottom. That's shocking! You can't possibly be held responsible for all your links! that's crazy! I am not sure what the situation is in the UK but maybe I should put a disclaimer up too, just in case... (even though I link to lots of very nice people.. better safe than sorry!)

  2. hi there, Rafael´s Mum,thanks so much for encouraging me :-)
    this disclaimer-thing is kind of standard in germany, we have very, very inscrutable internet-laws and lots of lawyers who make a living by suing "normal" people for (missing) stuff like that. it´s totally crazy. so as far as i know i need that - but you can never be absolutely sure..

  3. I've not heard of it yet in the UK, but you can't be too careful.. I have put a copyright notice up, why not a disclaimer? At least you are covered! Love your prints and colours! My quilt is coming on very very slowly.. I think too much, have too little time and never machine quilted yet, so it's going to be fun trying to do it all in one week! (not!!)

  4. I enjoy your description of making your quilt. My sister and I have been quilters for many years. I'll drop by now and then to see how things are going.


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