Jun 14, 2009

quilt - along - more stripes and potential binding

i added two red and white gingham stripes to the quilt, to make it longer and as a kind of an optical "breaker". first i planned on doing one on top and one at the end, then i decided that both on top would be more special - and that´s what i did.
got the gingham-idea from von kleinen dingen, she is using some of the fabrics in an extremely pretty and well-made babyquilt - i could totally not do that! the pieces seem so small..

so i will spare you the bloody details of my cutting, sewing, ripping, cutting again and sewing and ripping some more times. let´s just say it took some time (which is not really that bad, cause i LOVE that quilt already :-) and now it´s as nice and straight as i am able to do it.

here then comes another point of the quilt saga: potential binding. that´s the dark red fabric in the picture below. i tried almost every fabric i have and this turned out to be the best.

and i am planning on using the gingham fabric for the back, so i am ready to take the next step.

checked stripes: sewn
dark red fabric: just stuffed under the top

oh, and i am easily obsessed, i know, so here´s a detail of a baby-quilt i whipped up already...


  1. Total schön!!!!!

  2. I, for one, love the darker binding. I always love darker bindings because they "frame" the quilt nicely. Your quilt is sooooo pretty. Are you sure it is your first one?

  3. I LOVE your color choices!! Looks great.

  4. Gorgeous! Love the baby quilt too.

  5. love your description of the ripping and sewing - the result is beautiful.


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