Jun 23, 2009

quilt-along - quilting, done

this is what the actual quilting did look like: very much bulk had to go through my machine

here´s the back, the gingham and the left-over blocks from the front are looking great together

and this is the front. quilted just in (more or less) straight lines. i gave up the idea of perfect parallel lines in between, and i still like the result
so i am all set and ready to do the binding..


  1. So glad you posted this - I have made many of the same mistakes as you and that made me laugh. I fixed them the same way too.

    Your quilting is very nice and has encouraged me to quilt my strawberry quilt with straight (sort of) lines. I have been trying the stippling but need way more practice and I want to get this quilt done.

    Thanks again.

  2. well, thank you karen, for the nice comment!
    i really like your strawberries, and they are vivid enough to "fit" those simple lines. which have a nice quilty-feeling as well, too., depending on how near to each other you sew them.
    good luck with it, and see you at binding :-)

  3. Oh I love the colors you picked and it looks so soft and cozy!!!


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