Jun 21, 2009

quilt-along - wip

i am quilting now, my very first time, very exciting. i chose straight lines, which actually are not very straight due to all that bulk, but i did not dare to stipple. this time. i will do that, that´s for sure.

back to the straight. let´s just say: ripping took place, again.
i could not keep my stich-length with my brandnew darning-foot, it got very tiny in the middle of the piece, so i changed to my zipper-foot (! tip from the internet) and this turned out fine, length-wise.
but you know how annoing it is to un-do these mini-stiches?? argh!!! thank god i am done now, just one or two littles holes (got impatient..) which i have to mend tomorrow.

quilting is surprisingly exhausting, i could just do some lines after the even more exhausting process of building the quilt-sandwich.
i guess part of my exhaustion came from me being really anxious how this will all be done and work out.
still not absolutely sure, i know now more than this morning, and that´s a good feeling.

so here we go, nikke is already sitting there on tryout and seems to like it. not judging by his - again - little annoyed look, but cause he now sleeps there for hours.

what´s more to want??


  1. Das sieht so schön aus. Vielleicht könntest Du den Quilt nächste Woche einfach mal mitbringen...

  2. Wieso benutzt man den Reißverschlußfuß für's Quilten? Ich habe kurz im Netz gesucht, aber nicht gefunden, wieso.

  3. Franziska, ihc hab das damals gemacht, weil ich bei der Nähmaschine den Fussdruck nicht ändern konnte. Mit einem kleinen RV-Fuss liegt der Fuss weniger auf, die Stofflagen verziehen sich nicht so.


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