Jul 24, 2009

flower power stripes and some good tunes

weekend, yeah!
after going to Frankfurt on thursday (3 1/2 hours by train each way plus a 3 hour meeting) i am happy to relax a bit.

i sewed a bit as little friday evening treat. it´s a little pouch made from Jennifer Paganellis Flower adorable Power Loopy Vintage Floral in fuchsia and some lovely stripes from the Rambling Rose line from Dena Design.

and i bought more music online - usually i buy just single songs i like from my great, great , great weekly indie-podcast from

there i "found" Mikroboy, a young german band with great music and good lyrics as well. a bit like Kettcar or Tomte maybe. but not really grown up :-) The Album is called "Nenn es wie du willst", the song "Rueckschritt gleich Fortschritt".

so try this please:

last week i got the new album from Frank Turner "Love Ire Song". He is a singer/songwriter from Ireland who used to be into hardcore (which shines a bit through still) but mostly reminds me of a younger (sorry) Billy Bragg. Though his accent is not as nice as Billys :-) (Billy rocks!! still!!)

i got totally into this song, which is actually the most upbeat and the most sad one on the album:

hope you like it!

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