Jul 22, 2009

pouch and kitchenmat

back to work it is, so not much time to craft anymore. sigh. well, i did little stuff, like this oilcloth pouch for my shop, lined with yellow Tanya Whelan rose-fabric. very pretty. and my personal tryout for some weeks now proved, that the oilcloth fabric is very, very good in use. so if you ever get to Luebeck in the near future, get me some more..

the last two days were really hot around here. i took the bike to the s-bahn, driving through the park in the mornings and evenings and it was just beautiful!! what a great way to start and end a work day.

anyway, i did another mat, this time for the kitchen.
remember this one?? i think you bought it for me in Berlin-Mitte years (7 or 8??) ago. and i am sorry, but i had to let it go, it was turning kind of gross..
so this is the "before" shot (probably even wrong side up..):

and this ist the "after":

instead of terrycloth like on the bathmat i used two heavy-weight cottons and some poly-batting, quilted it and binded it with ready-made bias-tape in bright red.
the pink/red fabrics are from Rice (the melamin-company), the grey back is from Ikea.

I like the structure the mat has from the quilting i did,

however, this is just a first try, i am not too sure if i will keep this in my kitchen, i am not too happy with the fabric-choices.
i will keep you posted on this :-)

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