Aug 4, 2009

oilcloth tote for a rainy day

a potential customer asked if i could sew a simple tote bag from some oilcloth, lined with cotton.
because i had thought about this myself for some time now i gave it a try last night and came up with this baby:

isn´t she pretty?? (i know i say that a lot but i simply love most of my stuff :-)

i was afraid oilcloth would be to "fragile" to use in such a big bag (though it´s quite small for a tote), and the handles would eventually rip, but with this "good" oilcloth it seems to be no problem at all.

the tote is quite sturdy and it feels safe to put some stuff in there - maybe not 5 water bottles, but 2 shouldn´t be a problem :-)
the oilcloth is actually coated cotton, and that´s what makes all the difference to the (a lot cheaper) plain PVC-stuff i think.
the handles went fine, too, i saw that some people use the lining fabic for the handles which would be easier but i think it looks better this way.
and now my walking foot for the sewing-machine finally pays off: the oilcloth is quite sticky to sew and it is a lot easier with this foot (i hope the name is right in english, it´s an obertransport-fuss :-)

so, maybe Amelie likes it as well - i am so gonna keep this, but will happily make her her own :-)


  1. I like this! It looks fabulous! I have thought of doing this as well but like so many things, never got round to it... Well done for doing it and it looks great. No wonder you are keeping this one!

  2. thanks, Marguerite! maybe i found with this a fun way to use lots of great oilcloth with larger prints/designs which does not come out as well on the little pouches i usually make..


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