Aug 1, 2009

summer evening

another wonderful evening in munich.

today i got carried away at the garden-center, which i try to visit not too often, cause i get carried away there...

i just needed a big bamboo as substitute for the one that died (i think because i cut it too much.. oh well), but came out there with a lovely tall chinese grass called "red october" :-), peppermint and a rosemary-shrub as well. oh, and some yellow bushy-ball chrysanthemum.

my patio actually is a mess, but i got started clearing it up, thank god. my big old tv-set, which imploded some month ago (!) sits there accusingly and i have a little clover invasion going on there - a bit of it is quite nice, but this is getting kind of scary..

anyway, it is perfect enough to have a cool drink there and see the evening coming down.



  1. Good luck with your patio. I too have a patio and it is a bit scary... but as I am going on holiday soon, and then it is september... I thought.. "next year"...:-)

  2. Mein Garten ist dieses Jahr total verwildert. Das ist auch mal ganz schön. Bald ist Herbst, dann schneide ich alles ab und nächstes Jahr wächst es wieder...Schön, das das so klappt!Im Haus ist das leider nicht so.


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