Aug 15, 2009


due to the holiday today (about which i found out just yesterday on my way home from work - so it is obviously not in my office-timer..) it was kind of a slow day today.

i worked a bit on my red-pink-circles babyquilt and nearly threw it away because nothing worked out. arrgh!!

i then put (just!) it away and sewed more stripes for the half hexes quilt - and that was going very smoothly. well, except for one thing.

so here´s a little picture puzzle/rebus: what is wrong in this, again quite poorly taken, picture??

well, i fixed that :-) and then went to work on my desolate patio.

and in order not to show merely just the pretty sides of life here is a real "before", in the middle of the work pic:

and that´s really not pretty..

i will finish it tomorrow. so stay tuned for an "after" picture!


  1. Wirklich tolle Sachen, die du da machst! Und beim Anblich Deiner stoffe und Quilts werd´ich richtig traurig, daß mir die Zeit für solche Projekte fehlt.


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