Sep 27, 2009

bathmat strikes again

..though this time i used new terrycloth because the mat is for my shop and i think nobody except my family and friends would like one of my used towels :-)

anyway: working with terrycloth always is a bit tricky, you are not allowed to pull anywhere, not even a little bit, which is surprisingly hard for me, otherwise you´ll get darts and bulges and nothing, really nothing else is as annoying to rip open again!!

but this went fine, i remembered my lesson from basting the quilt and took care and in the end it all went very fine.
this is an extremly flat buddy, just as he should be.
i quilted just four straight lines to keep all the layers together (there is an extra natural cotton-fabric layer behind the top to keep the colors bright even if the mat gets wet - otherwise the red terrycloth would shine through).
the size is about 60x45cm.

if you try this at home (and please do!!): be aware of the dreadful terrycloth flakes which will fly around and please keep everything extremely flat at any time - then you´ll get a beautiful mat and it is just the best feeling stepping on something like this after a nice shower or bath..


  1. Rot, blau und weiss kann doch sehr sehr gut zusammen aussehen! :-)
    Sieht klasse aus! Ich bin gespannt, wie es "in echt" ist.

  2. sind nicht unsere badfarben, aber sie ist WUNDERSCHÖN!!!



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