Sep 17, 2009

curtains for the kitchen

a very quick project: new kitchen curtains.

i did like my old ones though, these are tea towels from my great aunt Luise, Tante Lieschen, she embroidered them with her initials LT.

however, i wanted a little more color .. when i bought the fabric some time ago i knew i would use it in my kitchen, because this is kitchen-fabric for me.
so here are my new curtains:

and although the second picture shows a dark window -
the whole project took not even an hour: cutting out two pieces of fabric, ironing and sewing all the seams and finally sewing the tunnels on top. Very easy, i didn´t even bother to measure and mark the ironed-in seam-allowance for the ironing, just did it as close to the seam as possible. and it went fine!
however, after finishing one curtain i laid the second one on top of it and pinned both together at the bottom seams, careful to line these up evenly. then i could measure the exact place/size of the tunnel on the second top very easily by just flipping it over lined up with the first one. so now both pieces have the same length - which is quite pretty with curtains :-)

for my 66cm wide window (including frames) i cut two pieces of fabric 55 wide and 68cm long. this makes a not too bulgy set of curtains. the length is enough to hide most of the ugly view but keeping the sky visible and leaving some peeking-space on the bottom for the cats to look out of the window.
i am really curious how they will look tomorrow in the morning with daylight!

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