Sep 24, 2009

quiltin´ Hello Betty - or Dan??

today i spent literally the whole day working on my Hello Betty Quilt: i sewed the backing, put together the quilt-sandwich and even almost finished the quilting.

Man that was a lot of work

This is the top by the way.

I quilted following the outlines of every other hexagon, it looks quite nice and i am curious how this will hold up though the lines are a bit wider apart.
The borders are a bit of a problem because the fabric there puckers a lot - i have to find a way to avoid that..

Maybe i should name this quilt "Dan" because what brought me through all those hours were some podcast-episodes of Dan Carlin, who runs a quite popular show called "Hardcore History". And this man can talk! I am really fascinated, he tells history quite as a story. Lots of interesting facts, lots of Oral History through quotes of everyday men (no women so far).
Very, very good. Please, check this out!


  1. Love your Hello Betty hexagons ... I have just used this fabric too !!

  2. Oh Mann! Du bist ja irre. Es sieht schön aus. Danke für den Nähmaschinen Tipp - ich habe mir heute einige angeschaut.

  3. Was sind das nur für wunderschöne Stoffe? Kannst Du mir Design und Hersteller nennen?

  4. na klar:
    das ist die Linie "Hello Betty" der Firma Moda. Schau dir auch mal die Stoffe für die Reihe "American Jane" an - die sind ähnlich super-schön!!
    bin gespannt, ob ich dann demnächst mal Moda-Stoffe bei dir sehe..


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