Sep 25, 2009

so nice to see you, Betty!

finished the Hello Betty quilt - yay!!

the whole project was a lot of fun, i like the false hexagons very much, and this retro fabric is just perfect for them.

it turned out very nice: the binding in bright red gives the retro colors from Modas Hello Betty some funky, modern touch.

the quilting on the sides/borders went ok, i "made" some darts, but could hide them under the binding, lucky me!
the batting is 100%cotton, unwashed and because the Betty (Moda precut) fabric was unwashed, too, i actually had hoped for some major shrinking - but not really much happend as far as i can see. too bad.
but maybe my exessive steam-ironing the top and back did that trick?! If anybody has a suggestion to that: please let me know!!
all in all my second quilt is not perfect, either, but technically really a bit better than my first one, which is great - and a relief.
there are still lots of things to work on, especially the basting = putting together the quilt-sandwich. this is really a dreadful job to do. I hurry through it just to get it done while i really should take more care here. it probably would help a lot at the actual quilting part.
so what quilt will be next? A modern one? A Moda Arcadia one?
probably the Value Quilt i signed up for - more info about this quilt-along coming soon..


  1. Ich bin schwer beeindruckt!!! Großartig!

  2. I have always loved that fabric. Great job!

  3. Die Decke ist toll geworden. Dir ist die Zusammenstellung der einzelnen Stoffe wirklich gelungen.

  4. I have a hello betty charm pack I really need to use, I love that line so much. And I started a half hexagon quilt...but it seems to have sat cut out, but hardly touched. I really need to get that done too.

    I love how your quilt turned out - it looks wonderful! And the puckers - well, you won't notice them after a while. I promise.

  5. Ooh so eine schöne wunderbare Decke! Herrliche Stöffchen und Muster!! Wer weiß wie lange du da hin und her gelegt hast :) ....
    Liebe Grüße

  6. vielen Dank euch allen, und Uta: sehr witzig, ich hab etwas gebraucht zu verstehen, was du meinst :-) ging eigentlich ganz fix..
    schönsten gruß, claudia

  7. I love this one Claudia! I have an unhealthy obsession with 30s reproduction fabrics!


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