Oct 12, 2009

12 of 12 - october 2009

1) coffee to start with - the cup is really big..

2) one hungry cat

3) two hungry cats (don´t worry, that´s it)

4) fall-morning view (or the end of the world)

5) goodies in the mail: batting for up-coming quilts. i am going for a wool/poly-blend, cotton is too heavy and not warm enough for the winter.

6) even more goodies in the mail: a cool alarmclock right from the 70ies. i like it, although the picture at the shop a) showed a yellow (!) clock and b) there was no sign or mentioning of a cord.. oh well.

7) on my way home through rain and storm i found this wonderful decoration of a window of a pharmacy: lice.

8) i forgot about the before-shot, so here´s the after: a bowl of plum compote (Kompott), self made. Very easy, very tasty: just cook some plums (cut in half without the stone) with a bit of water (some tablespoons), some brown sugar and 1-3 cloves (Nelken)(take out when ready) until soft. let cool, enjoy.

9) great quilting-magazine from Mark Lepinski, a very funny and sharp witted american quilter. he adresses his readers/peeps as "cupcakes" or "luvs" - i love that!! it´s a totally different approach on quilting which is so good. however just when i found him/this he resigned from the magazine. i hope he`ll turn up somewhere soon..

10) dishwasher, must be emptied tonight.. right after my little magazine-reading-session..

11) more plums for more compote - i am leaving for the Frankfurter Bookfair soon, so i better get on this. these are as tasty as they look, the companies name is "Zwetty" - isn´t that just darling :-)

12) and finally: i started some new socks to knit on the train to Frankfurt. yes, they are quite colorful. and no, i am not sure if i will keep them or give them away to some colorblind person with cold feet.

so that was part of my day in october 2009.
hope you liked it and please check out the others at Draussen nur Kaennchen!


  1. zu Nr.7: nein no non. Damit kämpfe ich gerade. Wofür wird denn da Werbung gemacht?

  2. das Mittel heisst "Nyda" - keine Ahnung, ob das was taugt. viel Erfolg!!


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