Oct 16, 2009

the book-fairy* is back!

i am back from frankfurt, and it was great and exhausting, hot and cold, work and fun.
all in all i enjoyed the fair very much! i met lots of very nice colleagues, saw tons of books and walked around a lot.

this year some of the big after-fair parties where cancelled due to the crisis in general and with the publishing companies especially. which is just fine - although i went to quite some parties over the years and usually liked it very much i think it´s just appropriate to cut down on costs like this in times like these.
i had impromptu evenings with some very nice company and a little, very special dinner party which was really fun. i always try to be in bed by about 1am anyway because nobody is getting any younger and i had to get up quite early to get my appointments done.
so here are some impressions of my fair-days:

lovely unique booth from swiss publisher Kein & Aber. it looked like a very nice, tasty living-room. the guy in the down right corner is the publisher, a very charming swiss.

here´s a little detail from the Kein & Aber booth: a plush bambi. the oil-painting is the image of an author. they had several of those (young guys :-) hanging, isn´t that a great idea??

moving masses.. until Friday noon everything is quite ok, but then it gets to be really annoying for me: just too many people, who slowly want to stroll around the aisles and take looks here and there. which is perfectly fine, it just makes the being on time for the appointments really hard. so i plan the most and most important meetings for wednesday and thursday.

work and fun.. believe me, it was after 5:30pm :-)

evening in frankfurt. it was sooo cold outside!! well, i brought my summer coat (!), obviously i didn´t check the net for a forecast.. but a wonderful irish woven scarf in charcoal-grey saved me :-)

bonus picture:
an indian publishers´ booth, allover (allover, really: floor, shelves, racks!!) covered in fluffy red and white fleece-fur - made me and everybody who passed by smile :-)

* i totally stole the cute expression "book-fairy" from Epp - thanks !! :-)

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