Oct 28, 2009

gestrick wollmeise lambswool

last weekend my sister (who is the great knitter in the family) and me visited the lovely Wollmeise shop in Pfaffenhofen. The lady who does all the great dying of wool is actually quite famous as i found out afterwards, and her wool is very hard to get online.

she had the greatest stuff in her wonderful shop, the colors of the wool are simply marvelous!

i bought this green-red-brown lambswool for a scarf only to find out at home that i didn´t have a no.5 circular needle - but 3 sets of no.4! So i started using those two-point needles secured with wine corks which worked out surprisingly well for starters.
when i heard myself ask confindently for some no. 4 needles the next day in a wool shop i knew why i already have 3 pairs - this must be a reflex or something.
luckily this time i remembered the right size at the last moment, so now i can knit the scarf on the right circular needle :-)

however before knitting there is the little task of wool-ball-making:

grüne wolle

not that much fun but with the two chair method managable.. thanks to my sis for that great tip!

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