Oct 17, 2009

jack wolfskin hassles little shop-owners

just read at Hier bloggen Zwei!: the big outdoor-outfitter Jack Wolfskin claims about 900Euro each (!!!!) from two DaWanda-shop owners for using cat-paw-prints on their handmade products.
isn´t this just unbelievable?? what good does this bring? do they want to make money that bad? well, this certainly is not the useful kind of pr/marketing.

for the german readers: a good article about this can be found at mediaclinique.

acts like this really make me mad: so much for buying stuff from Jack Wolfskin. in the future i think i´ll find other products from companies who are actually cool.

shame on them!

edit: btw - it´s not too cool either that DaWanda does nothing but simply just cleared the articles which JF did not like off of the site. they told the shop owners that everybody who thinks their products probably won´t be of any problem for the trademark-owner could post them again. nice.
well, that´s a bit strange, too, isn´t it..
mind you, the Holtzbrinck media group (to which, among newspapers and lots of internet companies, also belong the publishers S.Fischer, Rowohlt and Kiepenheuer & Witsch by the way) is one of or even the one big investor/s of DaWanda, one would think they could afford some kind of legal help for a platform like that. but there is nothing like that offered, as far as i know..

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  1. Ich habe gerade den ganzen Artikel gelesen - es ist absurd! Ich nehme mal an bei Dawanda verkaufen überwiegend Frauen, Frauen, die Kinder erziehen, die kreativ sind und versuchen sich noch ne Mark dazu zuverdienen. Und zwar auf eine Art, auf die vielleicht Männer, Manager oder große Firmen (bin ja kein Y-Hasser...) gekommen wären - je länger ich darüber nachdenke, desto ärgerlicher werde ich!!


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