Oct 18, 2009

sunday stash #5

Michael Millers beautiful Pod Posey and Pod Vine fabric. for me it feels like fall-time in the 50ies.. - although of course i have no idea what that was like :-)
and because i like it so much, this is a little still-life on my radiator..


  1. Lovely to show "sisters" around the world what we are doing.
    I show my sister as well. I Am danish and my sister lives in the US.
    I am often in München where I was 1 month one summer 25 years ago.
    I just LOVE München and my "family" there.
    Take a look at my blog. I write in Danish (sorry) but you can maybe use google translate?
    I am doing textile for a company (now selling in Gernamy too).
    Please find our web:

    Thank you for showing what you are doing.
    Karen in Denmark.

  2. hi karen, thanks for the comment! i love your work and i am very happy that your designs are now even more easily available in germany!! keep on your great work!

  3. Heiya!
    That's really cute:) I'll hope for that kind of birthday/christmas present (:

    Greeting from a bulgarian girl in the UK :)


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