Oct 9, 2009


this month i am on a fabric-buying diet: no fabric purchases, at least online.
ok, i will probably need to buy 1/2 yard for a special quilt...
But no "fun-buys" :-)
to get through this tough time i searched through my stash, looking for fabric i have enough of to part with - for some other stuff i really and truly need. desperately.
and this is called swapping.

there are some groups over on flickr where you can put your stuff up, searching or waiting for other stuff to trade with. my fabric to swap is here, some pieces are gone already, but maybe now or later you find something you like and have something i want?? then just leave a comment on the picture or send me a FM, a flickr mail.
it really is a lot of fun!! and such a great way to build up your stash you can´t find anywhere or always wanted to have.
so over the week i sent out some like these.

and now i am waiting patiently for the great trades that will come in soon.. yay!!

a note for new German swappers: most of the swaps are from/to the USA, the Porto for an international Kompaktbrief is 2,20€, but that´s just up to 50gr which is just one very (!) lightly packed Fat Quarter. and you want to put the fabric into a plastic bag and sent a little note as well. so usually i come up with about 52gr - and just hope for the best.. The next level then is 6,-€ (!), that´a Grossbrief international, and the total weight can be up to 500gr. So better try to swap more than one FQ or just for out of print or hard to get fabric, otherwise it can be quite pricey :-).

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