Oct 3, 2009

tag der deutschen einheit

today is a holiday in Germany: we celebrate the day the Wall between the two Germanys came down, now 20 years ago.
it is one of those days everybody of a certain age remembers what one did when the news came around.

i was a bookseller-apprentice back then, had just turned 20 and lived in western Germany all my life. i didn´t do anything that night, although i listened to people driving around honking in the little city i lived back then, celebrating on the streets. i just watched the news programmes on tv and remember that i was a bit scared what would happen now to our country - i just couldn´t process all these information, because all my life i learned that there were two German states.

we are not one people yet, but i hope we will be some day.

i didn´t sew anything patriotic today :-) but something for christmas: from some wonky log cabin blocks i made a little tablerunner which is all bright and colorful.

tablerunner funky christmas

tablerunner christmas w backing


  1. hallo claudia,

    das sieht voll witzig aus. den stoff hab ich mom auch unter der nadel ;-))


  2. Hi, den Retreat nach Herrenalb organisiert eine Bekannte von mir für die Mitglieder diverser Quiltgruppen und andere Interessierte aus der Region. Es gibt in jedem Jahr eine Warteliste, über die ich auch vor 2 Jahren 'reingerutscht bin. Wenn Du magst, dann wende Dich doch an und Gerda Gandowitz. Die Plätze sind sehr gefragt, aber Fragen kostet ja nichts ;-)

  3. Sieht toll aus!!!
    Solche Blöcke habe ich schon mal in einem der Fassett Bücher gesehen.
    Mein absoluter Lieblings Stoffdesigner!


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