Nov 16, 2009

arcadia quilt (or: a quilt only a mother can love..)

i finished the arcadia quilt today!

a detailed shot

arcadia quilt folded

the backing in a very tasty chocolate-brown with a vertical stripe of arcadia-scraps combined with an off-orange binding

arcadia quilt back

here is a picture of the whole quilt-sandwich laying out on the floor, taped and pinned with more than 300 pins

arcadia quilt basting

an even another step befor that: the backing plus the batting, both taped like mad to the floor to keep it straight

arcadia quilt batting

and here´s the part "only a mother can love": i obviously did something seriously wrong, probably the washing, because this is part of the lint i scraped of off the quilt with dry rubber gloves on. and there´s some left.. it looked and still looks sooo bad on the dark backing!!

 arcadia quilt problem

the batting is a light, fluffy (!) wool/poly blend which i should have washed in the delicate or wool cycle.

arghh!! this is so sad, i hope i can get it cleaned of this but i am afraid those fussel will come back after every washing..
any ideas anyone??


  1. That's a very pretty quilt, love the orange and brown together! I don't have any advice on the lint, sorry... But I loved to see your pictures of the basting of the quilt. I think this is the worst part of making a quilt, and am very happy to see how other people are doing this...
    Lots of nice things on your blog, loved the two pillows!
    And good luck with your spiderweb. I am going to make a few more, myself, just love that pattern. Thanks for your nice visit, too...
    ; )


  2. Wow!
    Mal wieder wunderschön!
    Schade daß so wenig Zeit ist... Deine Bilder machen jedesmal Lust aufs Quilten.


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