Nov 6, 2009

choc rice crispies marshmallow treat

this is a very simple, very sweet american treat.

the original recipy is from the fabulos smittenkitchen, where you can find all kinds of wonderful cooking-ideas. she actually improved the recipy which i found on my marshmallow-bag by using more butter and adding sea-salt.

so here goes the short version, for more details please follow the above link:

cook 1/4 pound butter with medium heat till it turns to a light brown color and smells a bit nutty in quite a big pot, put in ca. 280gr. marshmallows to melt in the hot butter, stir (with a spoon) and observe all the time.
When the marshmallows are melted take the pot from the oven and put in 6cups of rice crispies (i used the chocolate ones) wich were mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of coarse sea-salt before, stir like crazy again, which is quite hard now.
then put the whole stuff in some buttered form (i used a simple round baking pan), press it down with the help of greased baking paper, because the stuff is very sticky at this point, let it cool, cut into little pieces and ENJOY!
the buttery, total sweetness with the slight artificial taste of the marshmallows plus the salty crispyness is really, really good!

alas, it is not organic or healthy or low-fat at all.
so what! but you should like marshmallows to like this..

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