Dec 12, 2009

12 of 12 - december 2009

actually this is just 11 of 12 december 2009 - i am through with taking pictures today :-)

1 :: the espresso-diva: don´t you dare leaving her alone..
(good coffee, though)

2 :: first light / erstes licht -cup

3 :: first snow this year

4 :: napping, one of my favorites on weekends

5 :: playing aroung with my new green-violet fabrics, i already found a nice quilt pattern, too.

6 :: audio-book listening: Josh Bazell "Schneller als der Tod" / "Beat the reaper", coming to Germany 03/2010, available in the US already. fast, funny, bloody mobster-turned-to-doctor-who-meets-an-old-acquaintance-story - great book!

7 :: while listening, sewing: new pouch for the shop

8 :: vitamin-break

9 :: playing with plastic fish 

10 :: wrapping gifts - the ugly trashbag is for keeping a quilt for my parents safe, i think that´s worth the uglyness..

11 :: homemade ginger tea: spicey!

thanks for watching, more picture of the day over at draussen nur kaennchen.

1 comment:

  1. viele grüsse aus dem glockenbach viertel
    und einen schönen dritten advent


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