Dec 21, 2009

felt pad

my first try using felt. and my first try with stippling and free-motion quilting, too.
oh well...
i got the inspiration from "Appliqué your way", a new, obviously wonderful book by Kayte Terry, which is presented right now on a blog-tour, you can find the details on Kaytes site here.
this is supposed to be a little pad to put your teapot or coffemaker on (ja liebe Schwester, manche Leute benutzen Untersetzer :-)
i love the idea of "shining through" layers and will practice a bit over christmas.

this is made from three layers of felt and some cotton batting.


  1. Hallo,

    lovely hot pad, I'm intrigued by felt - and what you can do with it, One day I'll have to play with it too.

    I had thought of making quilted potholders - maybe a bit bigger and then they can be used as hot pads.

    Ich benutze Untersetzer!!!


  2. Ha, Eva, good for you!! Und sehr ordentlich :-) And yes, lets play with felt :-)

  3. Das sieht sehr schön aus. Du könntest doch mal ein paar Broschen machen in dieser Art. Wer braucht schon Untersetzer...? :-)

  4. Broschen, echt??
    na ja, vielleicht :-)
    hab einen ganz schönen Tag!!


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