Jan 12, 2010

12 of 12 - january 2010

12 pictures of the 12th of a month:

1 -- on my way to work through the park
02 dachlawinenwarnung
2 -- warning signs/sticks for avalanches from the rooftops - these are very common here in Munich, never saw them before

03 mülltonnen
3 -- even the dumpster bins are different from the rest of the country..

04 corner of my office
4 -- corner of my office. looks quite unadvanturous, so i have to rearrange that..

05 mausmatte
5 -- my work-mousepad

06 shopping seltene würste
6 -- the only place in Munich i know of where to find westfalian sausages :-)

07 shoppen magazin
7 -- shopping at the Magazin, Fünf Höfe. i got a waste basket there..

shoppen muji
8 -- shopping at Muji - didn´t find anything there but love this shelf made of wood-blocks.

08 pizza with a collegue
9 -- dinner with a colleague. tiny place, great pizza.

09 maus marienplatz
10 -- little mouse at the subwaystation Marienplatz. 

10 new papierkorb
11 -- my new waste basket for my sewing space: it is made of white plastic and has a sticker with "Great Design" on the other side. There you go! :-)

11 danish fabric
12 -- the long expected danish fabics for the backing of my green-violet quilt finally are here - at a neighbors flat, but still. so i can start working on that quilt soon, yay!!

thanks so much for watching, more here, thanks to Caro for hosting this monthly event.

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  1. oh das finde ich schön..leben in der gleichen Stadt uns so unterschiedliche Bilder..ich komme so selten im Winter in die City..und hier in Denning bzw. Daglfing ist es schon wie auf dem Dorf... aber ich wollte es ja nicht anders.. lach...schöne Bilder..


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