Jan 14, 2010

fabric eye candy

the danish fabrics finally arrived!!
i think they´re very pretty: the red and white flower oilcloth, the two violet cottons (which are supposed to be used as backing for my green and violet quilt), some litte mushrooms on a nice and light blue and some grey canvas with roses.
i got them here and it took almost 3 weeks to get them, which is a bit too long i think. anyway.
the quality is not really as good as the (way more expencive!!) american or japanese quilting fabrics: these fabrics are quite stiff even after washing because of the printing colors. just like some of the cheaper I.kea bedlinens..

however, fabrics like this are very handy for little bags and pouches which can use a bit of sturdyness.
as for the quilt-backing i am not so sure right now..

stash lecien

a whole different story are these Lecien fabrics: designed by australian Rosalie Quinlan, this line is called Grandmothers Flower Garden. the japanese fabric is very soft, the colors are clear but not bright and i love the oldfashioned yet modern theme.
i ordered some more in the US, these are from my all time favorite shop frau tulpe.


  1. sooo schön! ich freu mich schon drauf, was du wieder daraus zauberst!


  2. mh, sehr schön. Ist es nicht sehr teuer Stoffe in USA zu bestellen?


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