Jan 31, 2010



So let´s have my first give-away ever!!
i hope you like the two prizes:

prize #1 is the collector´s edition of the great Quiltmaker´s magazine "100 Blocks".
A great source of inspiration and - at least in Germany - kind of hard to get.


#2 are some nice fabrics:
- a japanese bambi print in blue - i think it is from Kokka but there´s no printing on the sides
- some seeds in duckegg by Amy Butler, and
- the precious and hard to get Goldfish by Heather Ross.

The pieces are of different sizes, way enough to do some nice projects with them!


Because i don´t like it when one really has to do something for winning you´ll have to do nothing here :-) just make sure that i can find your mail-adress on your blog or in your comment and tell me which prize you would like to get.

I would be very happy though if you would tell me where you´re from: the city and/or state/country would be great because i would love to know where you are from - but, as i said, you don´t have to do that to win!!

i will be away for some days and will announce the lucky winners next sunday. 
good luck to you and have a great week!


  1. What a generous woman you are! I would love to win the fabric.

    Leicester, UK

  2. The fabrics are so adorable!

    I just found your blog yesterday and was frickin´ bound for hours... I love what you do.

    There are just a few German blogs I like to read permanently, but yours will definately be one of them ;)

    And I´m pretty happy that you´re obviously one of those people who like to write/ speak English :D

    Greetings from Berlin!

    Btw, when I saw your post about Frau Tulpe I felt such a great desire paying a visit :D

  3. The fabrics are beautiful! I am in Maine, in the USA. COLD and snowy lately, but the sun is shining today. Thanks for the chance at your generous giveaway!

  4. Hello Claudia,

    I'm in Beautiful British Columbia CANADA.....

    although the magazine would be a wonderful addition to my collection.... I'd have fun with the fabric.

    So for me, the fabric would be my choice if I should win your give away.

    thanks, always enjoy your blog..

  5. Lovely giveaway!
    I am a fabric hoarder, so I would LOVE that sweet kawaii deer fabric, the beautiful Amy Butler, and of course the adorable Heather Ross (which I have been wanting forever!).
    I am having a little textile art giveaway on my blog too, and you are most welcome to hop over for a visit :)
    hugs from ON, Canada,

  6. What a generous giveaway. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of the 100 blocks magazines so that would be my choice. Thanks again!

    Amarillo, TX, USA

  7. I would love to win the fabric.

    Oregon, USA.

  8. oh, da mach ich doch gern mit. ich würde mich riiiiiesig über das magazin freuen ;-)))



  9. Da ich schon immer stolze Besitzerin der Goldfische sein wollte (mann, sind die schwer zu haben!), würde ich mich wahnsinnig über die Stoffe freuen.

    Beste Grüße aus Bielefeld, Deutschland

    Und ein Versuch in englisch (uff, ist lange her!):

    I've always wanted to be a proud owner of the goldfish fabric (which to get is very hard!), so I would be appreciate to have the fabics.

    Kind regards from Bielefeld, Germany

  10. So ein schönes Giveaway, da möchte ich auch mitmachen;0)

    Und falls Ihr in München nicht genug Schnee habt, hier oben an der Ostsee haben wir mehr als genug!

    Viele Grüße aus der Nähe von Kiel

  11. Hola Claudia,
    verfolge Deinen Blog seit einiger Zeit und habe schon viele Ideen bekommen, dafuer ganz lieben Dank. Ueber den Stoff wuerde ich mich sehr freuen, denn ich wohne hier in Malaga und hier gibt es keine vernuenftigen Stoffe zu kaufen.

    Viele liebe Gruesse

  12. What a fun giveaway! I live in Atlanta, Ga. Many years ago I spent a few days in Munich visiting. It is a lovely city.

  13. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for being so generous! I love those goldfish. :)

    Tennessee, USA

  14. thanks for the giveaway. I would love the fabric - but the book looks good too! Either one would be great.

    I live in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.

  15. Hm, you already now that - but I am from Berlin, Germany. I would realy like the magazine ;-)

  16. Hi Claudia, I finally get to go to your blog and what do I see? Not only the magazine I have been coveting (can't get it at all here) but also stumble straight into a giveaway! Life has been taking over the last few months and haven't kept up with my blog reading. it must be fate i returned at just the right moment! Must catch up with you soon!


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