Feb 28, 2010

design wall and Euro Bee February

i have no idea why i did not come up with this earlier: this is the only place in my flat where i can put up my flannel sheet, aka "design wall".
as you can imagine it is kind of wonky but it will certainly do. yay!
While lots of books and DVDs are piling up all around (!) the shelves (and there are quite some more piles in the hallway..) i shouldn´t need to look for the ones under the sheet anytime soon.
at least i hope so: the whole construction is (just like my shelves) not too sturdy i´m afraid. but anyway: happy me!

and these are the string blocks for Aneela for the Euro Bee in February:
string blocks for aneela feb 2010

she wanted 4 blocks with one main color, i really like her fun fabrics and just had to add some scraps from my stash to keep the color scheme.
string blocks are really fun to make: first you cut out a piece of paper in the block size to be, than you glue down the first strip = middle strip and then start by sewing the second and the third strip on the first on and right through the paper. after this you fold back the paper while sewing and just need it to measure how long your strips need to be. after finishing the block you flip it over and cut it using the paper as guideline. and finally you rip of the paper - the best part!
We used a great tutorial from Rachel of P.S. i quilt, which you can find here.
Just a little notice: there is music starting automatically on her site, the player can be found right down at the bottom of the page :-)

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  1. Gerade habe ich Deinen blog gefunden. Gefällt mir sehr gut! Schöne Sachen nähst Du!

    Lieben Gruß (auch aus München)


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