Feb 13, 2010

gingham pouch and quilt backing

back to basics to get back in the swing of (sewing) things: a little oilcloth pouch, lined with great swedish Linum fabric and pimped with some pretty star ribbon. i really like the combo of red and beige, plus the gingham is a bit off-white, so it all looks a bit country-like don´t you think?

gingham pouch

today i also prepared my stuff for starting to quilt my green violet quilt: i stiched the batting together (had to do that because the quilt will be so big..) and i am curious how that will work out when i am making the quilt-sandwich.
i put together the three pieces by hand because doing that by machine one will get flat lines where it was sewn. so no flat areas on the batting but the whole thing is not very tight/durable - will i get it straight and smooth enough?

and i finally sewed the backing:

green violet quilt backing

the design of the backing-pattern is very simple, yet it was (and always is :-) a challenge to make sure that the measurements are right before cutting into the fabric.

green violet quilt backing detail

so it am all ready and set to start quilting tomorrow!!

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