Feb 15, 2010

green violet quilt - getting there..

still working on this quilt.
after two days of quilting hours and hours i am not finished yet but some (a lot) of the green blocks are still to be done.

green violet quilt quilting detail

i am using matching threads for the top and a nice, kind of invisible violet for the back but i will run out of this backing thread soon and with all the fasching going on here it won´t be possible to buy some tomorrow. shops and my work will close at midday to give everybody time for partying - oh well..

thank god i have some help getting through all of this :-)

green violet quilt help


  1. eben schon bei flickr bewundert! die farben wirken soooo toll zusammen.


  2. Die Farben stehen Nikke ausgezeichnet. :-)
    Sieht toll aus der Quilt!


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