Feb 21, 2010

green violet quilt - done!!

it is finally done, yay!! well, it took me long enough.. :-)
anyway: the solids are from Kona, the prints are japanese Kokka cottons and cotton/linen-blends. the batting is some fluffy cotton which shrank quite nicely.
and the pattern is from Cherry House Quilts and it´s called City Scapes.

green violet quilt detail quilting front
detail on quilting: i did straight lines following the seams of the blocks. the threads of the top are matching the blocks, i used 5 different colors.

green violet quilt back
for the back i just used a shade of violet to blend in.

green violet quilt detail quilting back
the binding is a Kona Cotton, the color is Mustard, a bit off-yellow which nicely matches the little Kokka-pigs :-)

green violet quilt detail binding
colorful, isn´t it?? although i love the color-combo i am actually not sure if i will keep this quilt because nothing in my home matches those greens and violets - yet..

green violet quilt front
i love how this one turned out!


  1. Thank you for sharing the finished looks wonderful! It is so amazing to me how many great it looks in so many different fabric combinations.

    I hope you will please consider adding it the Cherry House Quilts group on Flickr.


  2. Der gefällt mir gut - so einen will ich auch :)

  3. WOW! fertig noch ne nummer hübscher ;-)


  4. What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors too. The stitching looks great; what patience you have for working in all those different thread colors. Nice job!

  5. A wonderful quilt! So much work has gone into this one.


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