Feb 7, 2010

oilcloth scraps and winners..

i am back from one week in northern germany - yes, where the great snow and ice "show" took place..
i really had a good time, the best parts though of course were the fabric shopping incidents. so here i start with a picture of some oilcloth scraps, mostly from Green Gate. they are big enough for some pouches and very pretty i think.

however, even more exciting was the drawing of the winners of my give-away:
the fabric goes to England to Chrissy from Crafty Cripple,
and the Magazine to Anke aka Mizoal from Hier bloggen Zwei.

Congratulations, i will contact you very soon!!! And thanks to everyone for participating, that was lovely!!
winners giveaway


  1. claudia - DANKE! *hüpfindieluft*


  2. too bad.....

    no chance for us north americans.....

    boo hoo!!

  3. Thank you so much for this prize. I have only recently started sewing so I don't have much of a stash yet. But this will swell my collection significantly. Can't wait to get my sticky mitts on it! Thanks again.

  4. Me again. I couldn't send my address to your yahoo account. It just got bounced back. Can you email me
    at craftycripple@googlemail. com

  5. congrats again!
    and Eve: maybe/hopefully next time some prizes go to north america!! :-) you all have a great week!


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