Mar 25, 2010

wonders and chaos

yesterday my copy of "one yard wonders" arrived: a very pretty book with 101 ideas to use max. one yard of fabric. very clever concept, isn´t it? the projects are made with beautiful fabric so it is really some eye-candy and very inspiring though almost all of the things to make are kind of well-known:
bags, aprons, garmets for kids, bathroom stuff and so on.  
However i like the compilation of all those projects and think this book will be helpful to think of something to sew on rainy afternoon with just one yard on my hand :-) (having just one yard on hand won´t be a problem too soon with my ahem generous stash..)
oh, and i got my copy for just 11,30€ and free shipping at a big online bookseller - a real bargain!

another surprise yesterday was coming home to find this in my studio:

i have this little drawer full of nails and screws and tidbits, because i really need this stuff - ok, i don´t need it that much but i really love stuff like that.

and yes, for some people it really is fun to spend hours and hours at a hardware store :-)

well, long story short: one of my cats - and i have a certain suspicion which one of the two - loves to crawl around on my shelves..
so after trying to pick up every nail from the floor i now have a brand new free-time activity: assorting all those little pieces back into 18 compartments. yay.

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  1. Aschenputtel läßt grüssen....Die arme kleine Lila möchte einfach etwas mehr Aufregung in ihrem Leben haben (oder mehr zu fressen:-)). Vielleicht hat Nikke sie auch angestiftet oder es war eine Mutprobe... :-) Schönen Tag! Deine C.


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