Apr 5, 2010

color wheel, quilted

today i tried a fabric color wheel: how much fun!! this way you can find out what colors and shades are missing in your stash..
darker blues in my case. and darker reds as well.
but i have lots (and lots!) of orange and pink - how sweet of me :-)

the background fabric is Kona cotton in coal, love it.
oh, and because i did not have a real tutorial to actually do the wheel i finished it and then appliquéd it on the grey.
i think usually one sews just a quarter of the wheel and then sews it on the background fabric. but i did not want to spoil my wheel by loosing/ruining it by sewing 4 curves, made with a selfmade template.

so the appliqué is made with invisible thread, which really is not invisible (too bad! :-) but very thin clear plastic stuff, a bit like fishing line.

by the way: this will be one pillow-side, i am not sure about the other side yet.


  1. I really like this idea. I've not seen it before, but it makes a really nice change from a design class colour wheel. Plus you get to play with pretty fabrics too. A lesson in loveliness, what more could a crafter desire?

  2. Das sieht total schön aus!


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