Apr 12, 2010

mini quilt 30s-retro

my first little mini quilt, made as a wall hanging for my sewing room.
it looks a bit faded, doesn´t it? i totally like that, even though i usually use (and love) bold colors.
it is made of retro / 30s-reproduction fabrics (Modas Hello Betty and Happy Camper) plus some Katie Jump Rope from Denyse Schmidt which fits in nicely ( as binding, too). the wheel is appliquéd on the essex cotton-linen blend, the little frame squares are 1" each.
the quilt is about 55cm² or 21" big.

mini quilt retro detail

It is so much easier to quilt a little quilt! Although my lines still are not really straight they are much straighter than on the big quilts.
and i can tell you a secret: the back just looks awful. and i mean really bad.
i used a cheap orange cloth as backing, white and pink thread and sewed on the binding by hand in a very (very!) bad way.
so once it hangs in it place i can never take it off the wall.. :-)


  1. A beautiful quilt! Love your fabric selections.

  2. Just spotted this on Fresh Modern Quilts - absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Liebe Claudia, habe gerade deinen Kommentar bei mir aus der Spam-Queue geholt. Was die wordpress spam protection wohl gegen das weise "in the long run we are all dead" hat?
    Jedenfalls liebe ich diese 30er Jahre Stoffreproduktionen (Katie Jump Rope bes.) So einen Quilt hätte ich auch gern. Der ist toll geworden, gerade weil er so ein bisschen faded aussieht mag ich ihn.

  4. Hi Claudia! your wall quilt is so cute, I love that hello betty line! Nice work!


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