May 9, 2010

flower basket

another basket, made from Oh, Franssons great tutorial , it is 6" big and i used some hand-stiching my sister gave me plus a matching print from Green Gate (i think).
my sister also gave me the very old linen i used for the lining. this is the raw- material:

blumenkorb, material
here a closer view of the awesome stiching my sister did. she used some 1920-pattern.
blumenkorb detail

the lining fabric is some very old linen, with red stripes on both sides. i am happy how those are matching up, but had to use quite some amount of starch to keep those linen pieces in control.
and i had to handstich-close the top - there was just no way to do this by machine because the fabrics made so much bulk at the corners. it turned out ok but still is not my favorite method. neither doing it nor looking at what i have done..


Thanks so much, C., for the great gifts!! i adore your work and fabric taste!


  1. I love this box. The combination of fabric and stitching is wonderful. I really must try this tutorial myself. I really need the storage.

  2. Schoen! Ich habe am Wochenende auch einen gemacht - nach Sometimescrafter's tutorial. Haven't blogged about it yet though. Love the fabrics and the stitching is beautiful. Ist mir nun eingefallen, dass mein Stick-wortschatz nicht so toll ist.... Gruesse!

  3. Hm, ich hätte mein Korb wohl auch lieber nach diesem Tutorial machen sollen. Deiner ist sehr schön geworden, die Stoffkombination ist ganz nach meinem Geschmack.


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