May 14, 2010

hangers + swaps

while not sewing that much right now i spent some time covering hangers - not really necessary, i know, but nice to look at. i got the idea at posie gets cozy, the actual tutorial is from Tif at Dottie Angel.
(because i am not very good at crocheting and have some major issues with reading even the most simple pattern i had to make some small alterations. so if anyone is going to try the tut, too, please let me know if you had to chain 73 stiches instead of the said 65, too, to get 13 shells and not just 12 like my first tries..)

some weeks ago i got me a Charm Pack of Denyse Schmidts Hope Valley and made a little pillow for my "new" 70-ies sewing chair.
after waiting very long to buy some fabric of that line i am now a bit hooked i am afraid. especially the greys and the reds are really, really nice.
hope valley pillow

so this week i got some Hope Valley i swapped with Mari in Norway - who was my secret partner at the Urban Home Goods Swap. she asked for a fabric swap just a day before i sent out her her home goods :-), how very fun!!

fabric swap mari

this is the other side of the colorwheel pillow i sent her.
 coal and hexes pillowside

and finally here´s what i got from Rita in the Great Potholder Swap 2010, hosted by Malka:

potholder swap rita

this is what i made for her:

potholder for Rita


  1. Oooh that Hope Valley cushion (I think the Americans say pillow but we in the UK say cushion unless it's the one on a bed you put your head on - not sure why I bored you with that little bit of nothingness) is absolutely gorgeous. Is it on Flickr? I want to fave it.

  2. hi Lynne, yes, you can find it at my flickr page.
    thanks so much!! i got to get ready for work now :-)

  3. the swap was so fun, thanks again for the potholders! I love your color wheel pillow, the back is so nice, it looks like it should be it's own front.


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