May 28, 2010

in the planning - sea quilt

getting together my fabrics for my month of the euro bee: it will be a quilt for a dear friend - a guy - so that´s why you don´t see any flowers :-)

i actually had quite a hard time to find fabrics in my - ahem- big stash with no sweet prints..

for years now i did not like dark blue, i guess i just had to much of it when i was very young, but for some time now i started to re-like it.

and those petrol-turquoise colorways fit the blue solid very well i think (although i know someone is not liking it a bit, don´t you C. ?? :-)

if anyone knows the name of the two fabrics on the far right please let me know. isn´t the light one is an Amy Butler print from the "love" line ?? and i have no idea where those lovely big petrol circles/dots with the black frames came from are from Michael Miller and are called Ring Dots. thanks for getting me on the right track, Penny!!
got those pieces in a scrapbag from Hawthorne Threads, lucky me, but without the print on the selvedge.

the main color / solid of this quilt will be the dark blue, the color "windsor" from Kona Cotton.

how i know this?? because this finally came:

kona card

("windsor" is the 8th square from the right, second row from the top :-)

it is kind of emberassing, but i just love it, i really do!! for those of you who don´t know these cards: 5 1/2 pages of Kona goodness, real scraps of fabric, each about 1" square, all labeled with the name and number of the colorway. o.m.g.!

those cards are kind of hard to get at times, but if you want one try here at Canton Village Quilt Shop where i got mine or at pink chalk fabrics.


  1. Hi Claudia! Those fabrics will look great together. The white background and irregular spot one is sunspots from AB, you're right. I think the blue circles with black rings might be from Hoody's "morning call" line? I could be wrong on that one.

  2. Wunderschöne Farben(und ein wunderschönes Design)!
    Ich wollte Dich gerade fragen, ob Du in einer neuen Quilting Bee mitmachen möchtest, aber wie ich sehe bist Du ja schon voll ausgebucht!
    Falls Du trotzdem Lust und Zeit hast, dann würde ich mich freuen, wenn Du Dich meldest :)
    Liebe Grüße,


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