May 15, 2010

seeing red - layout

just a quick post to show you my work in progress: a "seeing red" quilt, originally made from cluck cluck sew.
i uses lots of different reds (really?? :-) and some essex cotton-linen mix. so far i really like this one, very fresh and modern.

on a totally different subject:
it is really cold around here, so this is a classic view in the morning: Nikke keeping warm under the bedstand lamp :-)

katze unter höhensonne

and finally:

Monday is May Giveaway Day, again organized by the fabulous ladies of Sew Mama Sew. it is kind of a mass happening: check out their site for a compilation of all the nice people who are giving stuff away, take part and hopefully win great stuff!
I will take part this year, too, so make sure to check in on Monday for two nice prices!!


  1. Hallo nach München! Ich habe Dich soeben aufgestöbert und frage mich, wo man denn in München soo schöne Stoffe herbekommt? Die anderen Blogdamen schwärmen immer so von Ihren Stoffmärkten, aber zu uns in den Süden verirrt sich sowas leider nicht...
    Schöne Sachen machst Du!
    Liebe Grüße vom See

  2. I spied this quilt-in-progress when I cam eover for your giveaway- it's gorgeous! I'm new to quilting and so far only up to squares and stripes, but I'm ready to give triangles a go!

  3. Danke Redlox, ich hab mich schon in deinem blog gemeldet :-)

    and Hi Bellgirl, i am still working on this one.. soon i can show you more :-)


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