May 3, 2010

spider web block

a block probably only a hardcore modern quilter can appreciate and love :-)

my most (most! quite literally..) precious Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy fabrics plus some japanese Kei honeycombs.
i finally cut into those beauties because now i have a nice little plan what to do with these treasures - it is not a quilt but an accessory for my sewing room.

so bring out the Munki Munki, i am a woman with a plan!

by the way: although i already made some (ok, two) spider web blocks, i had some difficulty remembering how to do them correctly (age-related??)
oh, and it is not a good idea to start with one tutorial and then switch to another one - who would have thought ??

the one i highly recommend is the one from Mari from Quilt it: you can find it here.
the other tutorial i used is from Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson for Sew Mama, Sew, my all-time-sewing heroine :-), you can find it here.
but remember: one will do the trick!

luckily everthing turned out ok except the size which is now bigger than planned but better too big than too small, isn´t it.

i´ll keep you posted (and start ironing my munki-goodness..)


  1. How lovely, Claudia! What a beautiful way to use that Flea Market Fancy!

  2. Mir gefallen die Farben und Muster so zusamen! Aber hättest du den Flea Market Fancy nicht lieber noch aufgehoben, als Zusatzrente, später mal?
    viele Grüße, Lucy

  3. thanks Melanie!
    Ja, Lucy, für später wär schon schön.. Aber ich hab die dunkle Ahnung, dass es weltweit nur 750 verrückte Näherinnen gibt, die diesen Schatz wirklich erkennen können. Und der Rest der Welt denkt "Die spinnen!" :-)

  4. Your work is ausgezeichnet! Simply beautiful!

  5. What a pretty block. I do appreciate the FMF. :) I love spiderweb blocks but am afraid of paper piecing... What's a girl to do?

  6. thanks, Monica and Kimberly!! i have to say that paper piecing is not as hard as it looks (though i am no expert here..)


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