May 29, 2010

euro bee june - test block

here´s my test block for june, my euro bee month.
Kona cotton "Windsor" plus "simply sweet" dots in blue from quiltsoup.

the block is called Love in a Mist - because the original version is very pale i guess.

you can find the pattern here at quilterscache, which is a great place to find free block patterns. Marcia collected and wrote tons of blocks and you can browse through them quite easily. Thanks Marcia!!! 

Achtung baby: there´s self-starting music, so don´t be as startled as me when you go there..

And thanks to Penny from sewtakeahike (a wonderful site by the way, where you get lots of inspiration and how-tos!) for helping me with finding the names of my fabric from a scrapbag!

and speaking of Penny - wanted to wait till i get the fabrics but i just can´t hold it any longer:

i won one of her giveaways!! and i never won anything on the internet before and god knows i did try :-)

and it is a super-cool prize, too: a very generous gift-certificate for 60$ (!!)from the fab superbuzzy-store, THE place to buy all kinds of japanese sewing goodies.

so i already spent all that money as you can guess, and some yards of oh-so-beautiful-fabrics are already on their way from sunny California to not so sunny Bavaria. can´t wait..

Thanks again to Penny and superbuzzy!!!!!!!!!

btw: did anyone think of the Pixies lately? well, i did.


  1. I saw that you had one that prize. Congratulations. I can't wait to see what you ordered and what you make with it. I like your test block. The Windsor fabric is delicious.

  2. Congratulations to your price - lucky girl!!!!
    I just discovered your block for June ... lovely I have to admit! I love to do it (even there´s a lot of corners to fit:)
    ...and maybe I learn to like again dark blue too(I had to much in my childhood too)


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